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Garden Design Service

At Down to Earth we can create a bespoke design for your project and work with you and your ideas helping you to visualise your dream garden. We can design and we can create a garden that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Not every garden design involves a complicated drawing. 

Sometimes simply marking the area of a deck or patio with chalk paint in a sunny corner is all that is required to design a seating and entertaining area.

In other instances, a sketch incorporating a few well thought out ideas can help to visualise the best use of space.

Sometimes a Computer Aided Design (CAD) will be beneficial to show layout of features and materials.

For larger, more complicated projects, or sensory gardens, a full scaled drawing may be required, possibly incorporating a planting plan. 

In every instance though, we will listen carefully to your thoughts and needs, and we will offer our own advice and ideas as required.

We regularly collaborate with local artists on our projects and particularly for sensory gardens.